Drumstodon.net Service Financing

Currently we are just about ~300 active users on the instance. I've started this as my personal project and I'm currently able to finance the running of the servers & needed infrastructure out of my own pocket. The same goes about my time spent at keeping all of the components going smoothly.

If our user base will continue to grow in the manner of the last month (December 2022), I intend to slowly set up a donation channel allowing for anyone who can afford and wants to support this instance to be able to chip in and help me keep the service running and improving. There will be need for more computing power and storage space and the costs of providing all of this will be escalating pretty quickly. I will publish all the needed info here on this page (and only on this page).

In the meantime

If you are feeling generous and you can & want to donate a small amount for a good cause I would be thankful for you to check out the following campaigns. Or just pick anything that is close to your heart and make a donation towards that cause!


Ukraine Aid Ops

https://ukraineaidops.org - "An international group of civilian volunteers securing protective gear and life-saving equipment, delivered directly into the hands of front line defenders in Ukraine."
Very effective group of dedicated people, proven by time. Please help to keep the defenders of democracy in the fight and alive!

Sahel Food Emergency

https://www.wfp.org/emergencies/sahel-emergency "World Food Programme - the world’s largest humanitarian organization saving lives in emergencies and using food assistance to build a pathway to peace, stability and prosperity for people recovering from conflict, disasters and the impact of climate change."
There shouldn't be people regularly starving to death in the 2020s.